Treatment and Rehabilitation

A rehabilitation program preparation according to the current diagnosis, necessary medical and surgical procedures, prosthetics, medical aids, Interepting services and comprehensive care during the stay.
The tribal stage of treatement:
• Submit medical report
• Presentation of reports to the competent authorities – the competent Doctor-to diagnose the patient’s condition and the length of time required for treatment.
• Receiving Doctor’s approval.
• Book the reservation at the spa.
• Send passport copies
• Specify the date of arrival
• Inform the patient
• Confirm the reservation of the spa.
Stage of treatment:
• Receiving the patients at the airoport and delivering them to the clinic
• Provide medical consultation in private and public hospitals and coordinate surgical procedures
• The presence of an interepter to provide his services both inside and outside the clinic
• Book apartements for families
• Provide all conditions of stay according to patient (diet requirements with respect for culture or religion rules, specific requirement)
• Provide a mobility service (car rental)
• Communication with the patients, their family, doctors (before staying during treatment)